Team CoreCo Racing Team Rosters



Team CoreCo started as a six person mountain bike team in 2011 racing at La Ruta de los Conquistadores in Costa Rica.  Since then, we have grown the team to include three developmental cycling teams in Costa Rica, an elite racing squad of professional cyclists who compete in both road cycling and MTB events domestically and internationally, and a network of Team CoreCo Ambassadors who race under the Team CoreCo colors in their home countries of Canada, France, Great Britain, South Africa, and the United States of America.



Team CoreCo sponsors professional triathletes in domestic and international events including Xterra, Ironman, and various X-Tri events, worldwide.  Our elite triathlon race team is led by Marco Amador who was the 2016 Costa Rica National Age-Group Champion, and is ranked among the top worldwide competitors in Xterra. Team CoreCo is proud of the accomplishments of its triathlon squad, and look forward to more great things in the coming season from these world-class athletes.

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Trail Running & Adventure

Adventure racing, ultra running, expedition events, and first attempts on new routes are all part of Team CoreCo's efforts to push the boundaries in terms of both athletic achievement and community impact.  Team CoreCo athletes are going longer, pushing further, and aiming higher personal in each advancement and in every new achievement they complete.  This group of athletes knows no limits for imagination and endurance, and lead us all to places yet unknown.