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Send Team CoreCo an email.  Comments, suggestions, raves and rants -- all feedback is welcome!.


Join the Team CoreCo Listserve

The listserve was originally created to create a dialogue among riders aiming to ride La Ruta de los Conquistadores in order to share ideas, tips, suggestions, and wisdom on gear prep, training, nutrition/hydration, etc. for the race.  Modeled off the LT100 Listserve, the La Ruta CR group has grown in depth and spectrum to involve conversations about anything and everything relating to racing/training/events for the team.  Click on the icon if you are interested in joining the conversation with Team CoreCo.


Become a Team Member

Add your name to the list, and presence to our website, by clicking on the button below and adding yourself to the team list.  Membership is $100/year to join, and with that payment you get access to team pro-deal discounts on equipment, nutrition, events, and entries.  Your annual membership fee goes 100% to supporting the team.  Local and international members are welcome!