Team CoreCo Strava Clubs

We have two Strava clubs up and running for our athletes to join.  One is for folks in Costa Rica, and the other is for our worldwide members.  Links to the clubs are as follows: for Costa Rica (only), and for anywhere the team rides in the world.  Come one, come all.  Let's ride!!!

And we are LIVE!!

The Team CoreCo revised, revamped, reengineered website is now LIVE.  Please take the time to review the content, and send us comments regarding your impression of the site and any suggestions you might have.  If you are a native Spanish speaker, we welcome your input on our Spanish language content (especially word choice and grammar corrections...Google Translate only goes so far!).  Many thanks to our team members, our fans, our sponsors, and our supporters for all the help in getting this new chapter of Team CoreCo's ever-improving communication strategy launched.  Woohoo!!!

New Team CoreCo Classifieds Marketplace on Facebook

There is a new buy/sell group that Team CoreCo created on Facebook to list all classified sales of the team.  This will be the place to sell Team CoreCo demo gear, other used equipment, and to list team member's items for sale.  This page is public, so anyone can view the sale items.  There is a reference link to the page from the Team CoreCo website.  The navigation title is Classifieds.  All posts to the classifieds page must be approved by a Team CoreCo administrator.  Take a look to see what is for sale.  The classifieds bodega is now open.  Web address: or search Team CoreCo Classifieds on Facebook.

Team CoreCo 2017/18 Uniforms Orders Update

Hincapie production has a delivery date (to the US) of October 15.  Team kit should be in Costa Rica by the end of October, and in time for La Ruta de los Conquistadores.

Team CoreCo Moves Into the 21st Century

Not only do we have a Facebook page, we now have an Instagram account, and we tweet!  (Well, we tweeted once, anyway.)  Stay tuned for more...